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Labonte's Tatonka (Tonka)

Tonka is a son of Eddy v Zomback (Eddy) and Appleridge's Practical Magic (Xena), granddaughter of top producing stud 6XWUSV 5XFCI Emir Chabet, born April 14, 2007. He is a very strong male with a good temperament. He very tolerant with other animals and likes bite work, tracking and chasing anything that moves.

Great great grandfather, Ares Gymor, 33rd place at WUSV world championship in Belgium, 1990. Points 92 92 96 total 280. Grandfather, Basko del Cerbero, SG 272 at the Bundesiegerpufug in Ludwigshaqfen, Germany, 1997.

Tonka has a very full bite, he is large like his daddy. He an awesome male!!

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