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  V4 - Anouc Lar (Nuky) Leomegy SchH3

Male, Black, DOB: 2/20/00, A stamped hips, TOP Sport dog. Crushing bites. High level competition dog. Extreme drive for the toy. Flashy obedience, serious minded tracker. He is social but tough. Classic GSD character. Excellent with kids and family but a devil in the work. Nuky is heavy boned with a Huge head.  Gorgeous dog. Highly recommended for breeding to improve stability and bone strength. Nuky has been bred to some of the best bitches in Slovakia and Czech Republic. His progeny is making a tremendous mark in the Policia kennel and the Sport field.

Nucky took a V4 at the specialty show! That has not happened with a solid black dog for many years in Slovakia.

Videos 1-4:  Nuky is getting ready for the LONG courage test.
It is part of a 3 courage test tournament that is timed.
Videos 5-8:
More videos
Video 9:
This is Hilarious..!! “What do the cows think.?”
Video 10: Nuky in Bitesuit training

Nuky 1

Nuky 2

Nuky 3

Nuky 4

Nuky 5

Nuky 6

Nuky 7

Nuky 8

Nuky 9

Nuky 10
Nuky took a V4 at the 2003 specialty show...!!! That has not happened with a solid black dog for many years in Slovakia. We are very proud of him. He was featured in the Europa Sieger Calendar 2003.
Notice in Nuky's pedigree, his Great Grandfather is Ares Gymor CS
Ares placed 33rd at WUSV world championship in Belgium 1990.
His score was 92 • 92 • 96 for a total of 280 points


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