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Information About Your Dog

We have compiled a list of information that we find useful as dog owners. This section of our website is where we are sharing it with you. Click on the boxes below to get detailed information on these subjects.

Canine Health Learn about choosing a vet, choosing the right dog within your selected breed, common problems and links to online dog health information
Canine sports are a wonderful hobbies that you can do with you dog. There are many sports such as Schutzhund, Herding, Agility that have organized clubs and titles you and your dog can strive for. If you are competitive most of these sport have competitions for you and your dog.
Titling Your
The CKC offers many titles you can build towards. The most common title is the Companion Dog title or simply called the CD. These titles go on registration with your dog and anyone inquiring about your dogs pedigree will see the accomplishments.
Choosing a
Clicking here you will learn every breed has its own characteristics that have been developed by good breeding over years and years. You need to determine your purpose for having a dog. Based on those parameters you need to determine what breeds are suitable for you.
Useful Web

We have compiled links to miscellaneous information that you might help you with your dog.



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